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ZBin Semi underground. We deliver high-quality, beautiful waste solutions which increase the efficiency of waste management drastically.


Our bins are designed with care. We think that the bin should blend in with the environment, and should not distract. That is why the lid is perfectly in line with the rest of the bin, and why we offer various options for decorating the product.

Semi Underground Containers

Semi Underground bins offer a capacity that is many times larger as traditional waste solutions, like the roll container. This also means that the truck has to come around less often, and that less containers are necessary in total.


Due to the large capacity our bins offer, waste management becomes very efficient. Fewer trucks will ride through the streets. Especially combined with a durable and smart emptying system, waste management has never been this efficient and easy.


Zweva Environment at IFAT 2018 Munchen








Semi Underground IFAT 2018

IFAT 2018

This year the IFAT is taking place in München, Germany. Zweva Environment will again be present...
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Quality Testing

Last week we have been busy with some hard tests on our ZBin Semi Underground containers useful...
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