Smart waste solutions

Remote Access control

When you can to manage who has access to a bin and who has not , there is the need to have a lock on the Bin. With our ELoc system you have a remote controlled lock on your bins, what allowes you to give users access to throw away there waste in any specific bin. The user will get a unique access card, which will be allocated to any bin in the Back office system. This can be done from a distance, without the need to fysikally go to each bin. When you need to manage a lot of bins, and a lot of users this is the allocated system to do this with. Flexible and quick, and all this from behind your desk.

Waste Management

With the combined use of ELoc and ELevel , you have full controll of the bin and the users. This is what any manager wants. Once you have this controll this opens the door to regulate , manage and invoice the users and collectors in the correct way. With our ELoc you can see every user who is throwing away waste based on time and number of usings. This data is fully available in the back office, but can also easyly be exported in a wide varienty of file formats. This data is essential for any manager who is looking at reaching the targets they set in there waste management ambitions. Reduce waste , invoice the user , reduce collection costs or just inform people how well they are doing with recycling.

Collection optimalisation

With our ELevelĀ sensor , and web application the filling level of your bin, skip, container can be real time visible. This information can be of great value for the owner of the bin, the users but also the collector of the bin. When the planning is made in order which bin to empty efficienty is of the highest importance. You dont want to empty to early because you need to empty to often, but you also dont want to empty to late, because then you will have trash standing next to the bins. This gives the collector much more work, but also gives users a bad feeling. Start using to ELevel sensors in order to keep the collection efficient and on the highest level.

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