ELevel : height measurement sensor


Due to smart implementation of the ultrasonic sensor technology this
sensor detects all types of waste, both in short range as well as in larger
container types. The device is equipped with a tilt sensor for emptying
detection and a temperature sensor for the container content. Thanks to
the stable housing and flexible senor mounting, this device can withstand
all weather conditions, impacts of trash and vandalism. Our sensors are
designed to work together with our ZBin® and RBin®, but they can be
adopted to most waste bins in the market. The data is uploaded to the
central server so all containers will be visible in one portal.

Software & Connectivity

The sensor is available with different types of connection: GSM,
NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT/LTE) or LoRa technology. Both are equipped
with a specially designed in-housing antenna for optimal range. All
information is sent to the dashboard, where the data is visible and linked
to the navigation software. The web-based platform of Elevel sensors can
be used for device monitoring, management and configuration of objects.
The obtained data is processed stored and can be analyzed or exported
for software integration. The software and sensors enable the monitoring,
management, optimazation of objects and the real-time planning of routes.
The filling moment becomes predictable and the ‘near full’ alarm indicates
the collection of the containers.


Our ELevel sensor is not only compatible with our ZBin® and RBin® but
almost with any type of waste bin. This guarantees the efficiency of big
projects where multiple types of waste collection systems are being used.
All the containers can be managed through the software and can be live

ELevel Benefits

  • Software device management, real time monitoring & navigation
  • Operational overview (data and statistics)
  • Optimal dynamic route-generation
  • API’s for integration and linking to 3rd party software
  • Reduced collection time, costs and distance travelled
  • Collection alarm system
  • Optional GPS add-on for live tracking and on-board navigation
  • Enhanced sensor algorithm for better detection
  • Smart & sensitive ultrasonic sensor supports all types of waste
  • Additional temperature sensor
  • Compact and durable housing
  • Stable GSM, NB-IoT and LORA connectivity
  • Long battery lifetime up to 10 years
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance

Life of the battery

Next to the accurate sensor, the most important part of our ELevel is the battery. We chose to work with the best available battery technology we can
now offer : a Lithium Thionyl battery. This is a non recharable battery with exceptional properties which are ideal for the situation of the ELevel sensor.

Very long discharge time : with a very flat discharge curve. This means we
are able to keep opperational with the sensor for a very long time, up to 10
years depending on the data communication technology.

Large temperature range : the voltage of the battery is stable on a very
large temperature range. This means that if the temperature is very low
outside, the ELevel will keep on working (-40°C) and when its very hot it
will also keep on working (+80°C). This is very important for the reliabilty
of the ELevel.

Technical specifications hardware


– Complies with International Protection Classification 68 (IP68, waterproof).
– All selected and used parts are CE certified.
– Resistant to temperatures from -40°C to +80°C
– Self-calibrating with respect to T°, air humidity and power supply variations.
– equipped with a stability filter which compares 3 measurements
– The fill level sensor is suitable for the European Sigfox network
– Shielded power supply unit with durable lithium batteries

Dimensions & weight

Dimensions WxDxH: 87x87x82mm
Weight approx. 260 gr.


Housing plastic ABS with rating IP67/IP68
Electronics shock resistant
& cast in so that moisture can not harm the electronics

Power rating

Power supply 3.6VDC lithium thionyl battery
Battery lifetime up to 10 years


GSM 2 band 900 / 1800 MHz
GSM 4 band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
LORA SRD band 863 to 870 MHz (868 MHz band)
NB-IoT LTE/4G band 8.20 (800 and 900 MHz)


Type ultrasonic
Range 25-400cm**
Accuracy +/- 10mm
Lift detection yes
T° sensor yes