ZBin Maxi 3000Litre Semi Underground waste bin


The ZBin 3000Litre is the second largest bin on our portfolio. Ideal for tight places and waste types with high mass to volume ratio. This bin is a very versatile, and can be used very efficiently for all kinds of waste including organic and glass. Ideally used in combination with its bigger brother in a multi waste situation. This bin can be equipped with all kind of options, look below if there is one that suits your needs.

Quality & Strength

All materials are selected on quality and durability, making sure there is maximum UV stability and fitted for Sea climates.


We made sure that all materials are 100% reusable, and are almost always “pure” , with no additives, no extra treatment.


Semi-underground offers a lot of volume compared to other solutions. This results in less collection trips and large savings.


The container complies to all safety regulations that apply to them. During emptying, there is no big open hole in the ground, since 1/3 of the container is above ground.




Lid color options

Opening Options

Locking Options

Framing Options

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