Eloc, the ultimate electronic access control

Interactive communication

We developed ELoc electronics, which regulates authorisation and registration of waste collection systems, to ensure that your residents use the semi underground containers in the appropriate manner. It can be installed onto new and existing ZBin semi underground containers and sometimes on others. ELoc Graphics was specifically designed to inform residents about optimum use of semi underground containers. The graphic display on the containers allows for interactive communication between the administrator and users. It is made from reliable and durable components and the display is large and easy to read. This is especially useful for the elderly and visually impaired persons. Notifications can be shown in full colour. Messages are shown immediately after activation by a user pass.

User friendly

Integration with our software management allows for communication with residents from one central workstation through ELoc Graphics. All information is retrievable in our software; who deposited waste, where, when and how often was deposited. You are therefore always up-to-date on the fill level of the containers, which allows for more efficient emptying.
By making waste deposit as simple as possible you encourage residents to use the waste collection systems in your municipality in the correct manner. You can also inform them about specific opening hours or when there is a malfunction.

Software & connectivity

Zweva’s management software is a modular back-office management
application for underground and above-ground collection means. It is easy
to manage and configure all collection tools in one place. It runs ‘in the
cloud’, allowing you to view the status of the collection points on each
device (desktop, tablet or smartphone). The dashboard displays faults,
messages and filling level data at a glance. By using the latest Microsoft XRM
online platform, the software is hosted in a reliable, secure environment.
The application has a good connection with the usual Office packages.
Functionalities such as importing and exporting data to Excel, creating
pivot tables or business intelligence are included and work intuitively. In
addition to all the different modules, it is also possible to link third-party
applications to the new platform.

Details & information from installation

Post & prepaid deposits

You can charge residents periodically for a number of waste deposits
through the Postpaid system : the module registers the number of waste
deposits per household. The more waste a citizen offers, the higher the
waste tax will be. A prepaid system is recommended where residents
have balances that can be topped up to make residents more aware of
their waste patterns. With this module the user pays for every deposit
of raw materials in the semi-underground container. The user receives
information about the deposit costs and the remaining balance with each
deposit. With Pre-paid, the balance is stored on the server and not on the
pass of the user.

ELoc: Benefits

  • Improved automatic pass detection: periodic detection (every second)
  • NFC chips to allow settlement by phone in future
  • Adjustable opening times and unlock delay
  • Bi-stable motor lock, remotely (un)blocking containers
  • Statistical data, e.g. filling level and waste deposit frequency, facilitates route optimisation
  • Registration and communication of calamities and malfunctions
  • Registration, monitoring & communication of fill level
  • Feedback of all relevant data : availability of steering information and various reports
  • Luminous color graphic display with interactive possibilities
  • Select and send images, e.g. the logo of the municipality
  • Post and prepaid functionality
  • Bluetooth ELoc 2.0® service app goal technical service 100% self-reliant on location
  • Acoustic signal by unlocking the drum (switching on and off)
Details & information from installation

Technical specifications hardware


– Mifare card reader; ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B
– Shielded power supply unit with durable lithium batteries
– Safe 7.2 V technology, CE-approved
– Secure data communication and storage
– Communication via the GPRS / 2G / 4G
– The ELoc® 2.0 Electronics can be equipped with the following energy profiles
Greenline: assumes 2 communication moments per day, battery life 6 years +.

Online: Direct communication. every deposit and desired event (20 p/day) battery life 4 years

Dimensions & weight

Dimensions WxDxH: 170x90x22mm
Weight approx. IRDC unit: approx. 559 gr.
Battery and housing: approx. 1294 gr.
Lock: approx. 1137 gr


Comply with International Protection Classification
67 (IP67, waterproof).
Impact strength IK07 / IK08 • CE – certified.


Housing is made of durable plastic.
Electronics are enclosed in a housing fitted with sealing
rubber cable connections and cast sealing.
The power supply unit is placed in a waterproof housing.

RFID keycards

The users can acces the ELoc system by using a personal keycard.
Our Mifare keycard can be completely customized.