The ZBin product range

Zweva ZBin Semi Underground family

ZBin 200 Litre

Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Waste Volume

ZBin 200 Litre

1550 mm
⌀ 590 mm
30 kg
0.2 m2

ZBin 300 Litre

1950 mm
⌀ 590 mm
35 kg
0.3 m³

ZBin 1500 Litre

2700 mm
⌀ 1100 mm
90 kg
1.5 m³

ZBin 3000 Litre

2700 mm
⌀ 1300 mm
130 kg
3.0 m³

ZBin 5000 Litre

2700 mm
⌀ 1700 mm
195 kg
5.0 m³

Waste Type



1500 Liter bin on Scheveningen Beach, Netherlands.

5000 Liter Bins with drum lid, Norway.

200 Liter Bin in a park, Belgium.

5000 Liter Bins near a car park, Belgium.

Quality & Strength

All materials are selected on quality and durability, making sure there is maximum UV stability and fitted for Sea climates. The containers in completely seamless, so there is no risk of leaks or cracks. We use thick and very robust plastics for our container, lid and inner lid. The inner lid is double-walled, and supplied with a solid stainless steel hinge.

Design & Ergonomics

Compared to all other semi underground, we took the most attention to the details, the profile and the look of our semi underground containers. The main unique design feature of our semi underground is the integration of the inner lid with the outer lid. It creates a clean and non disturbed profile of the container. Also by integrating all the functions of the options, the look and feel of the containers are not affected (locking, hinge, framing).


As we strongly believe that we also have a responsibility as producers, we made sure that all materials are 100% reusable, and are almost always “pure” , with no additives, no extra treatment. This makes that they are easily to disassemble and reused in a second life. We keep logistic lines short with our production in Belgium. Our production plant is also completely self-sufficient for electricity due to 640Kw/h solar panels on our roof.


The semi underground container is up to 5 m3 of volume. This is a big volume if you compare it to many other waste solutions on the market. Since this whole volume can be emptied in the same time as most other solutions, this means you save a lot of trips to collect the waste. Advantage of the semi underground solution is that it does not take more floor space as a regular wheelie bin


The container complies to all safety regulations that apply to them. When the semi underground container is emptied there is no big open hole in the ground, because there is still 1/3 of the container above the ground. This means there is a “fence” around the hole which is at least 800mm high. All parts of the container where the end-user must place there hands does not have any sharp edges, en no metal parts. There is no weight and sharp metal parts to hurt any fingers.


The temperature underground is very stable, and in most countries much lower that the temperature above ground. This reduces the processes which make the waste start to smell bad. This phenomena reduces the bad smell’s from semi underground drastically.

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